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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 19, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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your own home, get a spyrowave 5,000 today. >> thank you, lou dobbs, and to. lauren sivan. i am gregg gutfeld and i love you america. >> health care reform high on president trump's agenda as he returns to washington. health care bill this week. speaker ofs house plans to make adjustment to help those with the plan who could be hit hardest, i am uma pemmaraju in for -- atlanta. at -- eric: i am eric shawn. you know for next hour we'll have special coverage of the work that is done here at
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library, and at bush institute, and we'll look at former president's continued mission, when it comes to post 9/11 veterans, the portraits of courage he pained in tribute to those who were wounded, just one aspect of the work at center, coming up worker of bush institute military initiative will be here to tell us about help available for 9/11 veterans. if you are one or if you love one, you will' to hear what they do here. but first more on battle brewing on capitol hill over healthcare reform, christian fisher with more from palm beach, florida. reporter: now comes a real test in how good of a closer president trump can be. as president, house speaker paul ryan said that president trump has been able to bring more conservatives on board like he did friday with this meeting
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with members of the republican study committee. will to be enough? does speaker ryan have the votes. >> i feel this is where we want to be. i feel great because the president is a great closer, he helped to negotiate the changes of the bill with members all over the caucus. i call it hitting the sweet time, with 218 republicans who come from all different walks of life to come together and agree on best plan to replace and repeal obamacare. reporter: rand paul still does not fil feel good about it overk he spoke with. >> >> they believe that conservatives in their caucus don't want obamacare light, i believe that real negotiation begins when we stop them, you have to sthaveyou stop them, thi passed out to them all the art of the deal last week. we need to learn from the
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master, and increase our leverage by holding the line. reporter: his advice to house conservatives, hold the line, vote no on the bill, that vote could take place thursday, just 3 days after president trump makes a public pitch for it at a louie tomorrow night in louisville, kentucky. eric: thank you, maybe both sides will need the art of the deal. >> president trump's court nominee gorsuch is headed to the hill tell when senate judiciary committees begins his confirmation hearing, democrat are signaling they are in no hurry to fill the seat. garrett tenny now is following story for us live at white house. what can we expect from judge gorsuch on monday? reporter: you mentioned it will kickoff in senate judiciary committee cork not expect too many fireworks tomorrow, it will include, introductory statements
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from all 20 members, and day will wrap up with opening -- with brief opening remarks from judge gorsuch himself, tuesday morning is when the real action will begin. gorsuch is expected to be grilled by democratic senators on a whole host of issues, digging to his personal life and previous court ruling, as they look for anything to oppose hiss confirmation. we're told judge ghow gorsuch hn repairing for prep sessions, nope aknown as murder boards, ts to last a day tuesday to wednesday, and could continue on thursday, depending on how many rounds of questioning, if all goes well, senate leaders said they fully expect it, to they hope to have full senate vote to confirm judge gorsuch by mid article, uma. uma: are there any signs that there will be some democrats to
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plan to back president trump's nominee. reporter: have you a lot of democrats who are upset with republicans over president obama supreme court nominee gare land who -- garland who never got a hearing, now they are threaten ing to return the favor, to filibuster any vote for judge ghowgorsuch. with that option this morning on cbs' "face the nation," senator ted cruz said that republicans are not too concerned. >> concerned. >> judge gore gorsuch will be confirmed. i believe within a month or too, he will be an associate justice of the supreme court. reporter: republicans hope to avoid using the nuclear option, they will need to win over at lifatleast 8 senate democrats.
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uma: thank you very much, fox news is the place to be for this big story, we'll bring you coverage all day tomorrow of the gorsuch confirmation hearings. keep it right here for all the action. eric: a federal judge in hawaii rejecting president trump's request to clarify his ruling on president trump's travel ban. after judge watson said he ruled against it because it targeted muslims. something that administration has always denied, saying that the ban is based on lowcasions, the hot -- locations, the hotbeds of terror activity. reporter: judge watson doubling down on his initial temporary restraining order from this week. this is the second version of trump's immigration order, this was togo into -- go into effect thursday, and would have placed
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a ban on 6 countries, and cut down on notal number of refugee allowed in but judge watson put the brakes on that order in response doj doubled back, asking disw judge attorney genel counter punched this week, saying that still sti stigmatizs muslims, the initial travel ban sparked protests across the country, the second will likely wind up in front of the supreme court. while president trump mountains this is to keep america save. >> the order he blocked was a watered-down version. this is the opinion of many, an unprecedented judicial over reach. reporter: if the new executive order goes to the supreme court,
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the big question will be will neil gorsuch be on the court at the time. if he is confirmed could bode well for the administration. eric: fascinating new days coming up, thank you, will. uma: secretary of state rex tillerson meeting with chinese a president before wrapping up his first trip to asia today, discussing how they night slow north korea's nuclear weapon program, rich edson in bay thing witbeijingwith the did. development. reporter: before his visit to beijing. rex tillerson was critical as was president trump. saying that china had not done much in trying to contain the weapons that north korea was developing, this afternoon, secretary of state, met with
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chinese president xi jinping, a met for 30 minutes and acknowledged there were differences that existed. much of the comes had to do with cooperation. >> through further dialogue we'll achieve a greater understanding. that will lead to a strengthened -- strengthening of the highs ts between china and the united states. reporter: while secretary tillerson was in china, north korea announced it tested a new high thrust rocket engine. state department had no comment on that test or what north korea said was that test. from here, this is longest trip this secretary of state has take confident his early secretaries ship in united states, he started in japan then to soak seconsouthkorea and wrapped it n beijing, while in south korea, he said still on the table for
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the united states, was all options, including to push for u.s. allies for japan and south korea to obtain nuclear cape bill stow tbill--capability to h korea. he was asked later, to elaborate on the stage of development and refused to get into it. the state department said that the secretary of state, and chinese president today spoke about potential for what pruch president trump said is a likely meeting between th the two backo you. uma: thank you very much. appreciate it, eric? eric: you know that healthcare vote, is about 4 days away. now speaker paul ryan admits to legislation is not a done deal, he plans to tinker with it.
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will those changes be enough for freedom caucus and other conservative naysayers? we take a look. and legacy of 9/11, here in the walkings of george w. bush presidential center here in dallas there are familiar artifacts from that fateful day, that serve as permanent reminder of our loss and our nation's resilience. >> this is the iconic bullhorn, this is the bullhorn we saw president bush yell to the nation that day as he sphood onn top of that pile with firefighter, bill beckwith. who had been retired for years when he rushed down to help on that effecterra emotional day td the course was not only bush administration but us forever. and also artifacts from notes of meeting from telephone that
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president used in the air force base that day. and touchstone, of that day, a piece of the world trade center. on that day, first plane flew over my head, american airline, piloted by mohamedata. it disappeared over the -- when we come back we'll show you more. i am eric shawn. at george w. bush's presidential center in dallas, texas, on campus of smu, we'll be right back with more after this. bloo this nose. hashtag no sleep. hashtag mouthbreather. just put on a breathe right strip. it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right. they also know you need to getg your annual check-up. now with one touch using the mycigna app you can find a doctor in your plan's network to save money.
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priority : you
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eric: we're going to the rules committee. we feel good where we are, we're still having con conversations h our members, to reflect people let's improvements. uma: that is house speaker paul ryan on fox news sunday today, saying he want toes tweak the gop plan to replace obamacare just a little bit more. but will the adjustments be enough to satisfy holdouts on the republican side. >> person in 50s and 60s does have additional health care
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costs, opposed to those in 20 and 30s, we believe we should have more assistant, we're looking at that the for that person in their 50s and 60s, they experience higher health care costs. uma: joining us now, betsy bad roo--road --woodruff. >> let's talk about the fact that plan itself need adjust am before it will be able to win over conservative in the house. who are really concerned about the costs. because one of the big promises that was made to the voters of that, that obamacare was so costly for some people, that they were going to bring those costs down on premium and deductibles, yet the ryan plan, still, has according to the cbo report has a ways to go on meeting that promise. >> right, speaker ryan conceding this morning there will be cost
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problem for senior, in particular low-income seniors, if changes are not made as it stands. that was a significant deal he himself made that concession that this bill needs to go through a shift. the question is, how -- what additional assistance does government provide to low income seniors so they don't see their premiums go up the way that cbo has predicted it will. is that enough to fruf rat fruse conservative republicans in the house that ryan has to pull through. uma: he says, he is confident that there will be a vote on thursday. why the sense of urgency right now to get it done this week before the break? there are a lot of conservatives, who want some tweaking done. they want to get to right. this something that they have been campaigning on for some
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time. at the same time -- and the political optics, if this does not go well this could be a disaster for the g.o.p. when it comes to dealing with voters, and shows voters they will follow through on about what they promise. >> right, that is the point that senator tom cotton from arkansas has made, argue that house is moving too fast, the white house is moving too fast. we need to slow down, work out the nuts and bolts, that said, congressional leaders would say there are a fine night number of -- finiz finize finite number oy are talking about 3 different stages of healthcare reform, tom price with an idea of 3 buckets, first this piece of legislation that gets a vote thursday, then regulatory changes and more down
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the road, the overall health care reform process is time consuming, that could be an argument to move quickly or a argument to move more slowly. i think that is why there is so much tension, among the ranks of capitol hill. uma: talking about impact that -- president has been critical to getting the deal done. the fact is, there are a lot of people who are still holdouts, what do you think trump has to do to convince these people to come onboard? >> it tough, there are two different types of holdouts there are ted cruz holzer out -- holdouts and susan collins, holdouts, those who are worry it is obamacare light, and still has government too involved in the healthcare market, for those, they want trump to roll back fede medhanie -- medicaid n sooner.
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rather than down the road, and urgent to get those changes to make it go further than legislation, on other hand, you have susan collins holdouts a moderate republican from maine, she said this morning, she also was not ready to vote for the bill, but for opposite reason, she think its goes too far, worried about constituents seeing premiums go up and thing more expensive. and losing medicaid coverage they have. it going to be hard for president trump to make both people happy. in the house, republicans have a big enough margin they might be okay, right now it looks like they will be okay. but in the senate it different and complicated. >> it is complicated, houses, you say has a bigger margin, your prediction? your betting for thursday? >> i think it will passes. that is the sense they get. i think that president trump has done enough to have one-on-one
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meetings with conservatives to work hard to lobby those guys. i could see is going through. senate is a different story, but my gut in the house, it is okay. uma: all right. thank you betsy. we shall see what is ahead. >> thank you. uma: take care. eric? eric: well uma, a loss for american journalist, pul pulitzr winning jimmy breslin has died, he died from complications from pneumonia, he was a long time columnist for new york daily news, he was a legend. on urban politics, and his unique new york characters, help expose crop hundre corruption in 1980s, his colorful writing and his career spans 6 decades.
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including novels and screen plays. we will miss jimmy breslin, he was 88 years old. eric: 3 u.s. soldiers have been shot and wounded at a base in afghanistan, wh why military officials call this another insider attack. today we've been live at george w. bush up study in dallas, texas, and the president's paintings on 9/11 vets, are part of the out reach here, if you are a vet or love a vet, you will want to listen to the retired colonel, to get at goal and aim to help those with invisible wounds.
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uma: we're back with alert three u.s. army soldiers recovering after being shot in a base in
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southern afghanistan, it happened in helmand province, the spokesman for u.s. forces in afghanistan confirming to fox news that pentagon is weighing a decision to send more u.s. forces to afghanistan. more from london. reporter: the details are sketchy but nato said 3 u.s. soldiers were wounded after a member of afghan army opened fire on them, that soldier was then shot dead, this happened today at camp base in helmand province, similar to so-called insider attacks. several u.s. soldiers have been killed in these type of attacks, improved security means they are more infrequent.
3:29 pm
afghan army said its soldier did not intentionally open fire today. there is no claim of responsibility in the attack so far. in the past taliban has said they infiltrated the afghanistan security services. many are in training and advisory roles they are in harm's way, there is talk of raising the numbers too, due to increasing instability in the country. around 10 days ago they opened attack on a military hospital, killing 38 people this attack was claimed by u.s isis. u.s. marines, they will most likely face a volatile situation on the ground there. uma: all right. thank you for that update, eric? eric: well uma, a reminder of sacrifice and dangers that our troops in harm's way face on front line.
3:30 pm
there are other challenges when they return here at home, which is at the center of the here. george w. bush's aistic work is just one part of what bush institute does. >> it's america, people from all walks of life who put on a uniform. they volunteer to do so. and so i took people -- what an amazing country. one should not feel sorry for them, but be thankful to them, and help them. that is what we do here, i am so thankful you came down. i want to talk about. to vets, get on bushcenter do.og web site. we can help you. >> where you can find out more,
3:31 pm
former army lieutenant colonel miguel hal, thank you for joining us, and thank you for having us. >> thank you for having he, and making the invisible -- visible. >> tell me about the work, there are people watching who have served, whose loved one has served, how they can get help. >> i like to start by saying that purpose of military service initiative is to meet president and mrs. bush's vision of honoring all those 9/11 veterans. with a particular emphasis on. am and addressing the invisible wounds of war, bushes know that by fostering this successful transition we enable a generation of resourceful, determined and experienced leaders who will continue to serve the nation for decades.
3:32 pm
eric: how difficult can that be. you try to transition into civilian life. >> there are two areas that we found are most difficult. in one that all veterans and all spouses face it employment. the transition, within the military not only does our work meet our financial requirement but provides a sense of purpose and belonging. there really is a transition, and a change in language, and culture, that is part of that transition into the civilian workforce. we know if we get this right, these are the men and women who will come home and fill critical skilled work requirement, lead our current businesses and start new businesses and be more successful than know nonveteran. but we know that vets have to take ownership. with the partner at u.s. chamber of commerce, hiring our heroes, we have developed a platform, we call it vet road map.
3:33 pm
but that is a tool we launched last month, to help all post 9/11 veterans, and military spouses take ownership, help tail oataylor their own transitn program and provide best in class resource. eric: the web site. >>, you can find it through web site as well. eric: they would like vets they want have that service. >> they do, we work with major hiring coalition to help them adopt best practices, not only chamber but jpmorgan chase led job mission. you know all told about 700 major companies that are putting a significant effort forward. you know there is one issue,
3:34 pm
eric, that impacts all veterans, when they have these injuries or not. that is the invisible wounds of war. one of the challenges with the invisible wound or the negative stigma and stereo type that also impact emplerimemployers and thy to hire. this is not something to fear. we're talking dramatic brain injury and psychological health conditions, like post-traumatic stress, these are actual injuries of war. eric: sometimes it is hard too admit they are that willing that about that is a challenge,. >> we found to these cignas stis serve as a barrier connecting veterans to the care they need.
3:35 pm
we reached out to folks with united states, united kingdom and canada, and. and we found that over 85% of veterans say, that the negative stigma and stereo type serve as babiers to seek -- barriers in seeking chair. eric: what type of advice can you offer. >> we've established warrior wellness alliance, go to bus web site. we have a network of networks, best in class. student veterans of america, wounded warriors project, and team 43, and others, the folks who are members can connection those members to the veteran that need care, to the best in class, private and public nonprofit providers.
3:36 pm
so we need them to connect those veterans to best in class care, we know most veterans did not get their healthcare through the v.a. there is 4 things that all your viewers can do, i ask today. first know, understand and connection to veterans, know what invisible wounds are and how they are treated. second mentor young transitioning veterans and military spouses, military does a great job in preparing if a moderate battle feel, but they need that mentor ship on campus and work city, third, fire, and develop veterans in your main business they will make you more successful. >> support impactful organization that help is entrepreneurs strongition -- transition, they can help with your time, expertise and money. eric: they have served so well.
3:37 pm
time for us to serve them, colonel thank you for your service, and thank you for about what you do here at bush center for helping. >> thank you, eric and thank you to your viewers for the help they will provide. eric: absolutely, uma. uma: great indeed thank you very much. >> fire crews in colorado taking to the sky to battle a wildfire near a major city, the flames forcing people to evacuate more than a thousand homes. >> and north korea testing a new missile engine z u.s. leaders consider possibility of military options again pyongyang. up next, our 4-star general on the rising tensions in asia. >> the closer they get to kf get developing a nuclear weapon
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eric: more than a thousand homes in colorado were evic evacuateds morning because of a wil wildfie just outside of boulder, right now fire is relatively small about 60 acres. but strong wind gusts are threatening to fan those flames, so far no word of any serious injury or damage. >> meetings over in southern white house we had a great weekend. >> how is it going with the health care bill? >> doing well, we had a lot of meetings on that. meetings on north korea, i will tell you, he is acting badly. >> sir -- uma: president trump weighing in
3:43 pm
on north korea's latest military test. hours after secretary of state rex tillerson's meeting with china's president today, not long before that sit down, north korea claims just successfully tested a new high thrust missile engine, drawing this response from secretary tillerson. >> i think we share a common view in a sense that tensions on the peninsula are high right now. and that things have reached a rather dangerous level. and we have committed ourselves to do everything we can to prevent any type of conflict from breaking out. we view there are a number of steps that we can take that are in front of us. uma: joining us now with insight. and reaction to latest development let's bring in retired four-star general jack keane. and chairman of institute for study of war with a fox news analyst, general welcome, good
3:44 pm
to see you again. >> good to be here. uma: let's talk about the fact that right now it seems that tensions are high as secretary of state points out. and it is really. interesting to see how north korea is trying to stage its different tests, based on the actions of what it appears to be united states, you know, the meeting with china's president. and the fact that you know north korea is trying to send a message. is that what you think? >> this is in retaliation for talks that tillerson has had with chinese and south koreans and japanese, and strong statements that secretary tillerson made, and such a dise departure from obama administration. it has been a problem for 20 plus years, we had three presidents trying to stop north korea and developing nuclear arsenal, we're close to the
3:45 pm
reality those weapons, can reach the united states. that is an unacceptable situation. all of our political economic and diplomatic effort to this point have failed, uma. uma: true, china has not had much luck in trying to convince north korea to back down, the fact that secretary of state, is being this open about the reaction and saying that you know this is a dangerous level. basically, trying to say that north korea is forcing the united states to go forward with some type of military action against the country? >> i think tillerson is being blunt and brutally honest with the reality that the united states, president, commander in chief is facing, that is that this country is getting dangerously close to launching a missile against the united states they repeated let's say they intend to i do so. not they are trying to deceive
3:46 pm
it, they keep tells us there is their intent. what are we supposed to do with that reality. uma: where -- >> we have tried for 20 plus years on get the chinese to do it. they enjoy the north korean's poking an eye of united states i believe, they don't' peninsula to be unified. they have been playing a very dangerous game here, uma. and i think that tillerson told them, i suspect, unequivically that north korea is pushing tucsonly option we'll have left -- tushing us to only option we is left, we know that could lead to war. that so that is reality, i hope he was able to convince chinese that this is unacceptable. uma: do you think north korea really has the sophisticated
3:47 pm
weaponry at this time to have a missile hit the unite united st? there are those expert who believe it still lags in its technology. >> they have the nuclear arsenal. they are trying to fit them on a ballistic missile. which could reach all our military basis. yes, there are debates to how far along are they, how much progress have they been made? we're usually on the wrong side of this, we inunderestimated russia and libya and iran, and underrest middl estimated pakis. we're usually on the wrong side of this issue, i think that this administration wants to be on safe side of this issue, not
3:48 pm
endanger the machine people. the american people. uma: if u.s. took some type of action against north korea what type of action would that be, from your point of view? >> to strike or cyber warfare, launch facilities that north korean have, a problem is that developing not just fix sites for these missiles, but also, mobile sites, that makes it more difficult for us to track that, you can bridg bridge bring brinm out of hiding and move it quickly, we would have to detect that quickly. we have air defense system that defend against at sea and also in united states but we don't want to just depend on that system, we have a missile in flight heading to a military bis base heading to u.s. we would knock out the launch
3:49 pm
facilities to never launch a weapon against the united states, interest. uma: a very dangerous situation. >> it is. uma: president speaking out about it saying he is very upset about those actions, we'll see what is ahead, general thank you so much. >> good talking to you, uma. eric: back at home, president trump promising to bring back the jobs, a promise that helped him win in cold country. can he make -- coal country, cannily make good on that pledge, they are already seeing signs of life. >> taste of death but once? caesar on a caesar salad? surprising. excuse me, pardon me. what's not surprising? how much money matt saved by switching to geico. could i get my parking validated?
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eric: we're told there are signs of life for coal industry, mining companies putting out help wanted signs again. some are wondering if the rebound is real or more of a nod on nostalgia. mike tobin with more. reporter: carlos is a career kentucky coal miner, he is mining coal. >> i am glad to be working. thankful i got a got a job again. reporter: a bounce in the
3:54 pm
economy, created a need for steel. and a president moved in 2 in 2 started -- in who started rolling back regulations. here at perry county mine, since 2012 they laid off 40 guys, in last months they hired back 90. >> maybe this is a little come back, we're confident we're very positive about everything we're seeing since the november election. and president trump taking controls of the energy agencies that regulate the industry and all. reporter: as technology advances, equipment is more efficient, requiring less manpower. in obama years they used natural
3:55 pm
gas. >> even though that coal is coming back, there will be employment in the future, but whether it will not unlikely go back to the way it was, 10 or 15 years ago. reporter: retail business people in little coal towns like hazard, kentucky, are happy for any comeback, but they know they will never come all the way back. >> when i started doing all of layoff my business went down. reporter: are the new hires due to something tangible that president has done or just a sense of optimism. because coal as a proponent in the white house, everyone with whom we spoke, from expert to the people in town, say it is more about the optimism. >> thank you, mike, we'll be right back, from dallas. weetene, plus 10 grams of protein weetene, and 25 vitamins & minerals.
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